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#787 Just Bought one last week

Posted by ZOOM on 27 September 2012 - 01:23 PM

Recently bought a C-Max SEL and love it. We are currently over 500 miles on the first tank of gas. Our average so far is right at 47 miles per gallon with slightly over half the miles in EV mode. The owners manual indicates the MPG should improve after first 1000 or 2000 miles.

A couple of things that I have noticed. Cruising at 60 mph with the engine running it will at times briefly change to EV mode running on electric only. Traveling in the city many of the roads here are posted at 35 MPH and the C-MAX runs almost entirely in EV mode. It's been cooler here in the morning and we have been using the heater. Where the C-Max would start in EV mode and drive for some distance in that mode before when the temperature was warm now that it's cooler in the morning it still starts in EV mode but quickly changes over to the Engine so it will warm up before switching back to the EV mode. I guess the engine must be warm to effectively run the heater.

We had road tested a Prius prior to purchasing the C-Max and felt the C-Max rode and handled better plus we liked the looks of the C-MAX over the Prius. It also appeared to accelerate quicker and had a better view through the back window. We did not like that spoiler partially blocking our view in the Prius.

This is my first experiance with sync and My Touch and found both very easy to use. I had noticed some My Touch reviews on Fords indicated My Touch wasn't user friendly; However I found no problem with it.

After driving the C-MAX and turning it off you will see a brief indicator shown on the instrument panel showing miles traveled on that trip, miles that you were in EV (Electric) mode plus your miles per gallon. Several of my trips have indicated over 50 mpg. One funny one was a 7 mile round trip to register the car. I was almost entirely in EV mode. The Engine only started briefly quickly reverting back to EV and it showed 238.5 mpg.

So far we are real happy with our purchase, the 47 mpg sure beats the 19 mpg that I got from my SUV.
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#14613 New Mods

Posted by Angelod on 06 April 2010 - 02:56 PM

Hello all,
Completed some front end mods today. Installed custom grille and Magnetbra. I'll add pic for all to see. I also installed red and black wheelskin on steering wheel but no pic of that. Have more plans but taking my time. Really enjoying the Sport. Loved my 06 SE but really love the new Sport. So much more fun to drive.
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#954 Newbie

Posted by Trekboy on 23 October 2012 - 07:35 PM

Hello, we purchased our Cmax sel on Sunday still figuring out all the electronics. It's our daily driver with a commute of 75-80 mile round trip, with 12 miles and a few hills at 70 mph the rest at 60 mph. Hoping to get 40+ mpg
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#896 EV+ Mode

Posted by MozzieMan on 12 October 2012 - 06:13 PM

I've had my C-Max SEL for 2 weeks now. I drove a Prius for 6 years and love that I can now put my new Labrador puppy in his crate in the C-Max. Unfortunately I'm not getting the advertised mileage. I use it to commute to work, 90 miles a day in SoCal and I live 1,500 feet higher in elevation than my office. You might expect that is the reason for only getting 40mpg in the first 1,000 miles. The problem is that my 6 year old Prius with 160,000 miles on it still gets 48 mpg for the same drive.

I have tried everything I know so far. I'm using the ECO mode for cruise control and the driving coach to monitor my accelefration, braking and cruising. I noted that cruising at 75 and 80 mph is not good for mileage according to the coach, but this is the way I drove the Prius.

My question is does anyone know what the EV+ mode is? It is found in the Settings/Driver Assist screen. I set mine to on because it seemed like a good thing to do, but I'm not sure.

Couldn't find it in the manual. Can anyone help?
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#879 Newbie

Posted by Ski on 10 October 2012 - 03:59 AM

Hello All,

We bought our C-Max Hybrid yesterday, our 41st wedding anniversary. Great present, isn't it? It was the first one the dealer sold. It is Ice Storm Metallic, an SEL and loaded for bear. It will be my daily driver. In addition my wife drives a 2006 Pacifica. We have a 2002 Evening Black Thunderbird (the most fun car I've ever driven) and a 1965 Thunderbird.

I'm still trying to figure out all the bells and whistles. This is a much more complicated instrument console than I am used to using. Hopefully I will find some useful tips on this forum.

We live in Maryland, about 25 north of Baltimore. I am retired. My wife will be in about 6 months. By profession I am a CPA and she is an RN.


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#800 New C-Max bought today !

Posted by GJ450 on 28 September 2012 - 01:07 PM

Hello All,

We bought a new C-Max SEL today (Ice storm). I took the dealers lot car for a long drive, averaged better than 47.5 MPG on about 1 hour trip (Mixed city and highway). We were SOLD ! The ride was smooth. The car was responsive, I could hardly tell when it switched from the EV mode to the gasoline engine ! Regen braking was neat too ! Had a moment when leaving the parking lot, hmmm, not running - no engine noise - DUH, it running on the battery !
Take delivery on Monday 10/1 ! Can't wait to give it a real world test.

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#765 First Hybrids have arrived.

Posted by mikeb on 24 September 2012 - 10:42 AM

The C-Max Hybid has arrived on dealer lots, and a co-worker just purchased one this weekend. I'll get to see it tomorrow, most likely.

Personally, I'm waiting for the Energi, but some of you folks can start taking delivery now.
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#20442 2007 Fusion SE 16 inch wheels on 2010?

Posted by bbf2530 on 22 November 2010 - 12:53 PM

Hello everyone!

First time poster. I just purchased a used 2010 Ford Fusion SE V6 not more than 30 minutes ago, so I am very excited. Luck would have it that not only I just inherited a used set of 16 inch alloy wheels off of a 2007 Fusion SE AWD from a co-worker, but I have a new set of 205/60R16 Toyo Observe winter tires from a previous vehicle that I never got around to using. I will be ordering the TPMS sensors from the dealership later today. The 2010 has 17 inch wheels. Am I safe to assume that these 16 inch alloy wheels will work for the 2010?

Please forgive me as I am sure you folks have answered this a thousand times, but I just want to be absolutely sure I have this correct. I searched other threads (rather quickly) to see if anyone else uses/used this combination, but did not notice any.


Hi 30century. :D Welcome and congratulations on your new car. :shift: Yes. Assuming the wheels from your coworkers 2007 Fusion are the factory/stock wheels, they will be perfectly fine.

If they are an aftermarket set which your coworker added to the car, then you would need to know the wheel specs (width and offset) to be sure. However, since they were on your coworkers Fusion, it may be safe to assume...?

Good luck. :beerchug:
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#13895 omg window cracked

Posted by acdii on 17 March 2010 - 08:24 AM

My deductible is $250 for both, I've heard windshield replaces run from $200 to $400, so I'm going to try to get a quote from the Safelite guy tomorrow when he comes.

Most insurance companies will replace the windshield under comprehensive and only charge $100 as deductible, some replace them without a deductible.

Just to head off blame, this is NOT a warranty problem, Ford, Hyundai, any dealership will not replace a windshield under warranty if there is any impact evidence, no matter how small it is. I can take a screwdriver and tap a side window at just the right spot and shatter it. I don't mean striking the window, I mean tapping it, like tapping a pencil against a desk. A rock hitting at just the right spot, usually along the edge will cause the windshield to crack, no matter how thick the glass is. In fact, if you press lightly from the inside near a stone chip, there is a high probability that you will cause the window to crack. A chip destroys the surface tension of the glass, that is why filling a chip prevents the windshield from cracking, as the filler restores the integrity of the glass. There are do it yourself kits that cost $15 that you can use to repair a chip, and they work just as well as the ones used by glass companies. I used one on an Explorer I had. I had a 1985 Grand Marquis that got hit by a stone, I saw the chip and made the mistake of pressing on the inside by the chip and CRACK, all the way across the windshield. Using a defroster on a cold windshield can cause it to crack if there is a chip in it, same with cranking up the AC on a hot day.
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#13061 Got a letter today from Ford

Posted by kram1984 on 26 February 2010 - 11:50 AM

I had the reprogram done last week... Never had a problem with my brakes... But now I no longer have the brake regeneration icon show when I do apply the brakes... Took it back to the dealer, and they rechecked to make sure all is working... They said everything was ok, so I guess the reprogram eliminates the brake regen icon...anyone else have this occur?

I havent had that reprogram done yet.... but I had some repair work done ($4k from someone rearending me), and they reset my overall MPG etc...

Im wondering if you might just have the display set to a different "mode", as they do not all show the regeneration icon. (The modes like enlighten/empower/engage/and theres another one I forgot the name of...)
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#12842 Got a letter today from Ford

Posted by lolder on 18 February 2010 - 05:26 PM

I am new to the Forum and am trying to find out if anyone still have the brake problem after the "fix". This problem happened to me three times in the past months (where the brake pedal sinks all the way without having brake during low-speed). I took my car in but the dealer said that I already have the latest update and there was nothing they can do as they cannot reproduce the problem during the testdrive. Please let me know if anyone still have similar problem after the update.


There are several possibilities here.
1) If your car was built after Oct. 09 (see drivers door sill placard), you supposedly have the latest software and therefore the glitch is not fixed by this software. Bad news for Ford and owners.
2) If your car was built before Oct. 09, you have the old software and the dealer was in error about having the latest software.
3) The software change supposedly occurred in mid-Oct so if it says Oct. on the placard, you don't know.
4) Did you get a dash warning message and chime? Even so, if you push further down on pedal you will get brakes. There is about an additional inch of travel.
5) In any case, take it back to the dealer and document the problem in writing to them. File a report to NHTSA at http://www-odi.nhtsa.../ivoq/index.cfm
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#11903 Which is best?

Posted by CmelChappy on 16 January 2010 - 05:41 PM

I've driven all the new Ford four doors and the Fustion Sport and have reached a final decision. The best call around car bar none is the Fusion Hybrid. The Fusion Hybrid isn't best at everything it does, but is better at most of what it does. None of the other Fords and competitors do so many things, so good. The Taurus rides a little softer, but not that much and can't come close to the Hybrid for quick handling, especially in town driving. The gas mileage doesn't come close and it can't keep up with my hybrid in town. The acceleration below fifty or so isn't all that great. The SHO model burns a lot of gas, rides no better than a hybrid and sure doesn't handle as good around town and the insurance costs are something else. The Lincoln MKZ is just an upgraded Fusion, a gas burner, not anywhere near as good handling as the hybrid and not that great a performer. The Big Lincoln is a barge that couldn't get twenty miles per gallon except downhill, and isn't in the same league as the hybrid, whether in town or on the road. My hybrid will cruise silently at any reasonable speed and gives me great confidence in the corners plus I can push it pretty hard and still get mileage in the upper thirties. Finally, the Taurus and the Lincoln's are so high in back that I can't see over them and to me, look ungainly. Parked along side my ice blue hybrid, they look like barges. OK, so I'm biased, but I really love my hard riding Fusion Hybrid, particularly knowing that I can soften the ride a little by going to sixteen inch wheels. Note: what will they ride like with nineteen and twenty inch " rubber band tires? I did notice that the 2010 Taurus has a higher sidewall eighteen inch tire, higher than the hybrid, a concession to comfort.
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#22603 Battery Delivery From Japan?

Posted by ralexandermaine on 15 March 2011 - 05:46 AM

We recently ordered a new Fusion Hybrid from the factory. Has anyone heard if deliveries of batteries and other components made in Japan for the Fusion Hybrid will be impacted by the recent earthquake disaster?
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